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This book is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I finished it with tears in my eyes and hope in my heart.

Lockington's writing is gorgeous. There were so many moments of beautiful imagery. Countless lines I stopped to read twice. The poetry in the book is lovely, and the letters between Keda and her best friend were one of my favorite parts. They were vibrant with humor and truth and a love you could feel.

Keda's voice sings through these pages. It drew me in from the first line and wrapped me up in her world. She is an unforgettable character. Kind and clever and brave. She is also incredibly resilient- something she proves throughout the course of the story as more is piled on her young shoulders. The story starts at a time of drastic change for Keda. She's moving across the country, leaving her best friend and everything she knows behind, and dealing with a parent with mental illness. She is also struggling with issues of identity and knowing exactly where she fits-- questions that are only compounded by this change in environment and the countless ignorant questions she is constantly forced to answer as a young black girl adopted into a white family. I felt hard-wired into Keda's emotions. Every pain and triumph. But most of all, my heart was lifted by her strength and by the sense of hope that permeated every line. I loved her so much, and I know that you will too.

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