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Upcoming Events and YA Scavenger Hunt

Since Before I Disappear came out a few months ago, I've met so many wonderful people and participated in some fantastic events. The first two months were beautiful whirlwind, but then book things settled and school ramped up, and I switched focus to my family and all the chaos of September when you have four kids in multiple activities. The biggest change this fall came when my nearly 3yo twins started preschool three days a week. For the first times since my twins were born, I have parked my butt at a coffee shop and written words for uninterrupted hours at a time. And that is what I have been doing. Writing and feeling the magic that is falling headfirst into a story, full of characters I love like real people.

Beyond writing, I have some amazing events and activities lined up for the fall. I get to do some school visits, participate in a few panels, including one at Books of Wonder in NYC (an item that was on my bucket list) and sign some more books at my local B&N. I will be updating my events page soon, so stay tuned for details of where and when you can find me.

I am so excited to announce that I will also get to participate in my first YA Scavenger Hunt! (Yay Blue Team!) It's coming up next week, and there will be some amazing prizes to be won. So mark your calendars! Also, check out here the link here for the rules and info on all the teams and amazing books that will be up for grabs on YASH.

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