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Review: Enchantee

Reposting this because my original review was lost. It's been a few months since I read this book, but the feelings I get when I think about it are still as fresh as they were when I first started reading. I absolutely loved this story. Trelease grabbed me right away with her writing. Graceful, smart and evocative. The level of historical detail was perfect. I felt connected to this moment in time and all the larger things that were happening without ever feeling bogged down. The countless instances of beautiful description immersed me in 18th century Paris during in a way that engaged every one of my senses. The charters were vibrant and complex, and the magic was incredibly original and compelling. (I would be 100% on board with another Trelease novel about the origins of a certain blood-craving dress.)

Camille was a fabulous heroine. I felt invested in her struggle to care for herself and her little sister from the very first pages. Her voice connected with me, and I was so fully in her head and heart every minute of the story. The romance was swoony and sweet and lovely to read. The mystery build right along with the romance, leading up to an ending that left me feeling many things, but most of all a sense of rightness.

I would recommend this lovely book to absolutely anyone.

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