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Review: YOU'D BE MINE by Erin Hahn

I enjoyed every single second of my time with Annie and Clay. This book is all heart. Annie and Clay's voices were individual and relatable, filled with humor and depth. I really loved seeing their bond blossom over the course of the story. The romance was swoony and sweet, but the YBM also delivers poignant explorations of sibling, platonic, and other types of family relationships. Hahn's writing made me laugh and smile to myself, but it also tackled some tough issues. Clay and Annie have both overcome much in their young lives. What really struck me was Hahn's skill at showing us how past obstacles can shape us without defining who we are, or who we can be. As someone who grew up in a military family and later married a soldier, I was especially touched by Clay's story and the way that Hahn dealt with his loss. Her writing is marked by compassion, forgiveness and hope. It was lovely to read.

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